Vitamin for Kids

All growing children need adequate vitamins for a healthy normal growth. They play a lot, are extremely active, and obviously they burn off calories fast. Their growth rate is higher as compared to adults and for all this, they must take vitamins adquately. If the diet they are having is not supplying adequate vitamins, then it should be supplemented by required vitamins.

Which are the required vitamins?

  • Vitmamin A

    – Milk and infant formulas are a good supply of this and an improper diet can affect its availability to the child. Excessive of it is not good

  • Vitamin C

    -Prevents colds and upper respiratory tract infections.Toolittle Vitamin C can lead to scurvy, which is now uncommon, but can occur in infants under one year of age who are exclusively fed cow’s milk. Fruits and vegetables are excellant sources of Vitamin C

  • Iron

    – Iron is essential for the development of muscles and production of good blood.It is generally good to choose foods high in iron

  • Calcium

    – This is essential for bones. Young children need around 800mg, whereas older chidlren and adolescents require 1200-1500mg calcium

  • Vitamin K

    – a fat soluble vitamin that is necessary for proper blood clotting. It can be deficient in some newborn babies, especially if they did not receive a Vitamin K shot after they were born and they are being breastfed.

  • Vitamin D

    – Any deficiency in this can cause rickets among children. It is essential for good growth of bones. Lack of sunlight can cause a deficiency of this.

  • Flouride

    – This is also essential for good teeth. Generally, the water supplies it. 8. Zinc- Useful for sexual maturation and growth, particularly among adolescents.

If all these vitamins plus others are taken in proper proportion then one can ensure a healthy baby growth.

A Healthy Diet for the Child

A healthy diet is a must for the child. He must eat right. He should avoid junk food. If there is improper diet, then the child will suffer health-wise. He will not take part in acivities, learn properly at school, or play games. The mother has to ensure that the child receives all his vitamins and minerals for such a healthy growth. A diet full of milk, cereals, vegetables, fruits , meat will provide the child with all the nutrients. A happy child is a healthy child. If all his needs are being met he is happy. He will be less troublesome and easy to handle. He will sleep well and not be cranky.

The mother should consult her physician and dietician to ensure the right diet for her child. She should make sure that whatever diet she is providing for her child, it is full of vitamins and minerals required for its normal growth. Any deficiency can lead to mental and physical ill health.

A nutritious diet will ensure a healthy future for your child. He or she will grow up to be normal human being. Give the best to your child. Do not neglect its diet.