Pint of cider helps keep the doctor away

Cider can be taken for good health. Apple Cider Vinegar helps in the body functioning and is used for the treatment of many ailments. A pint of cider can really keep the doctor away as it revitalizes the body systems.

Apple Cider Vinegar revitalizes the skin and also helps in the breaking of food particles. In other words, it helps in digestion. It also prevents bacteria from multiplying. It improves the blood circulation. It acts like a tonic.

How is apple cider vinegar prepared?

Apples are allowed to ferment and this fermented fruit acid is loaded with pectin and minerals like potassium, chlorine, magnesium, sodium and calcium. In addition to this, it contains vitamins and beta-carotene. It also contains carbolic acids, aldehyde, ketone, alcohols and acetates.

Pectin is a fiber which attaches itself to cholesterol globules, and when combined with the herb centella aids in getting rid of bad cholesterol and helps in regulating blood pressure.

The potassium present in apple cider vinegar is important as it helps in removing excessive water and toxic wastes. The excessive sodium is also drawn out and it helps to regulate blood pressure. Calcium is an important component of apple cider vinegar and is useful for bones and in the prevention of osteoporosis. The beta carotene helps in retaining youth.

The malic acid helps to combat fungal and bacterial infections and provides relief to joint pains. The amino acids present act as an antibiotic and an antiseptic. The acetic acid helps in the treatment of insect bites and skin allergies.

Arthritis is also easily manageable if one takes apple cider vinegar. It also helps in strengthening arteries and assisting in healing of wounds, improving skin lesions, and reducing the effects of varicose veins. Apple cider vinegar also reduces stress and tension and revitalizes the body.

It also helps to keep the weight under control. In fact it can help in weight reduction. It has less salt, less sugar and less fats. It is also a good remedy for food poisoning.

Cider also has a good element of antioxidants which protect you from disease. A healthy diet should include antioxidants, so a pint of cider will provide you with them. A pint of cider is as good as a glass of red wine.

Have cider with your food and ensure that the doctor is away. Get all the nutrition you need and make it part of your diet. Enjoy it, relish it as well as ensure that all the nutrients available in cider protect your body from disease.