Megavitamins Therapy

Megavitamin therapy is the use of vitamins in extra amount in order to treat or prevent any disease. These can sometimes be greater than the recommended dietary allowance. High doses of eight B vitamins like niacin, thiamine, and pyridoxine are used in treating biochemical deficiencies especially in older people.

The therapy of megavitamin involves the role which vitamins play in body. Actually vitamins are converted into the coenzymes which combine to the enzymes to perform essential metabolic function.

Especially in treating genetic diseases these megavitamin therapy is very beneficial. It is clear that human genome has various genetic variations that effects enzyme – coenzyme interactions. This can be cured with the help of vitamins. High doses of vitamins weakens the enzyme functioning and improves the health of the individual.

Disadvantages Of Megavitamins:

Excessive use of megavitamins can be harmful. Some of the disadvantages of megavitamins are:

  • Large doses of vitamins act as drugs not as nutrients. If you take vitamin in controlled limit body can utilize it. But of its amount in body is thrown out and if some of it remains back it is treated as drug.
  • Mega dose of vitamin C can result in various side effects like destruction of red blood cells, irritation to intestinal lining, formation of kidney stones, interference with reproductive tract which could result in infertility or fetal death too. These are few to mention but there are various such complication which can develop.
  • Similarly overdoses of vitamin e could result in the deposition of cholesterol in the blood vessels, elevation f blood fat vessels, blood clotting process could be interfered, growth of long tumors can be enhanced, functioning of thyroid gland can be hampered and damage can be caused to the muscles.

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