Niacin Vitamins

Niacin or B3 vitamins are water soluble vitamins which prevents the disease of ‘Pellagra’ which is a deficiency disease. This vitamin is essential for the metabolism of fats, carbohydrates and many other substances in the body.

Intakes of dairy products can compensate the measure if you are not taking niacin directly in your diet. Actually diary products have Tryptophan in large quantity which can be easily broken down into niacin by the body.

Niacin is used in two forms. One is nicotinic acid which can be further classified as nicotinamide and the second form is B vitamins.

Foods Having B3 Or Niacin Vitamins:

The foods which are the rich source of B3 vitamins are:

  • Mushrooms and tuna
  • Beef liver,
  • Asparagus
  • Chicken
  • Sea vegetables
  • Salmon
  • Venison

Functions Of Niacin Vitamins:

Some of the important functions of niacin vitamins are:

  • Production Of Energy:

    Niacin is important for generating energy. The various forms of vitamin B3 are useful in converting protein, fat and carbohydrates of the body in usable energy. Niacin is also used for synthesizing starch which can be stored in the muscles of the body and the liver for further use.

  • Metabolism Of Fat:

    The chemical processing of the fat is done with the help of vitamin B3 in the body. But they are not directly related neither to fat nor tro its processing.

  • Regulation Of Insulin Activity:

    This vitamin has a vital role to play in regulating blood sugar. It has been known that ‘glucose tolerance factor’ must be added to the enzyme which could optimize the sugar activity.

  • Supports Genetic Process:

    The vitamin of niacin is required for the formation of DNA material which responsible for transfers of genes. Deficiency of this vitamin in it formation could result in genetic damage.

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