Resveratol Herpes – Resveratol Health Warnings

Resveratol is used for the treatment of herpes because it inhibits herpes simplex virus types 2 and 2 both replication ( HSV1 and HSV2). The reduction in virus yeild was not caused by the direct inactivation of HSV by Resveratol or inhibition of virus attachment to the cell.

It has been noticed that chemical targeted the cell in the early event of the viral replication as it was most affected when added within the 1 hour of the infection. The chemical is effective for certain period of time. If the chemical is injected 9 hours after the infection it will show no effect on the virus. So, it was concluded that if that the virus can be stopped from replication within few hours of its infection. If within this span the Resveratol is given to the patient the infection can be stopped from growing.

Resveratol Health Warning:

Some of the Resveratol warnings can be summarized as:

  • People and especially women with breast cancers must avoid it as it can react on combining with estrogen.
  • As it is estrogen like so it may or may not affect men when they take it in high doses.
  • There are many sources of Resveratol and only some of them yield good quality of Resveratol. So, you must be careful while purchasing it.
  • As the exact dose of the intake of Resveratol is not known so that may create a problem. There are some views that 300 mg of the chemical is enough while others say that 500 mg of it can be taken. The intake of the correct amount is necessary as an overdose can create a number of problems.
  • There are many supplements of Resveratol which are available in the market. The level of purity of resveratol in these varies from product to product. This may be a cause of concern for the customers as low purity rates may cause some infections such as diarrhea. While purchasing always check that purity level must not be less than 50%.’>

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