Premature Graying Of Hairs – Vitamins For Gray Hair

Hairs have tendency to lose their color with the growing age.  But, premature graying is a cause of concern, as it makes even the young to look older. It creates a feeling of insecurity in person especially among women. Graying of hairs is caused due to lack of nutrition to the hair follicle. Intake of proper vitamins and proper diet this deficiency can be fulfilled.

Causes Of Graying Of Hairs:

The two major causes of graying of hairs are the faulty diet and mental worries. Lack of vitamins and essential minerals like, iron etc. in diet can cause this disorder at the young age. Mental worries produce extraordinary tension which prevents the supply of necessary nutrients to scalp cells. Hence result is graying of hairs.

Few other causes can be dirty scalp, use of chemically prepared shampoos, conditioners, dyes etc. all these also make follicle weak, and result in either graying or falling of hair.

Vitamins For Gray Hair:

The vitamin which is generally required for preventing the hairs from becoming gray is ‘Vitamin B’. as we already know that production of melanin only can keep hairs black. So, it is necessary to take steady diet of Para – benzoic Amino acid. This is one of the forms of vitamin B complex; which is available in capsule form and is also easily available in drugstore.

Another similar vitamin B-5 or Pantothenic Acid is known for gray hair. it stimulates vitamin utilization and releases energy from food to enhance hair growth and good skin. if Pantothenic acid gets combined with folic acid , Pantothenic acid helps in restoring the natural color of hair.

Recently researchers have come up with artificial means of restoring melanin in follicles. According to researches, liposome which is the substance used for delivering drug in body can be used to deposit melanin inside follicles. This means that when follicle stops preparing melanin naturally, this substance can be deposited inside follicle, to make artificial melanin. This can prevent graying of hairs in any age- group.

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