Does Microwaving Food Help Retain Nutrients

Microwave is the “Mantra” of the new age. Coking is easier and faster when food is kept in the microwave. But will all this microwaving business help retain the actual nutrients in the food.

Well this is a tricky question and a lot of research is still being conducted in this field. As the research still continues experts have sought out an alternative solution to this prob.

Though not microwaving, they have suggested various means and ways towards effective cooking.

Some such measures are as follows

1)    Do not cook fruits, as it tends to reduce the nutritional content in them.
2)    Cook vegetables with the skin on as they contain the essential antioxidants.
3)    Wash the vegetables well before cooking and fruits before eating.
4)    Instead of heating, steam the vegetables. The more the vegetables are uncooked and raw, the better nutritional value they have.
5)    Instead of blanching where vegetables are dipped in boiling water for some time and then dipped in cold water, just dipping them in hot water for the briefest time would be healthier.

Keep these points in mind every time you cook a vegetable or fruit.

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