Osteomalacia Caused Due To Vitamin D Defeciency

Not taking in sufficient Vitamin D can cause a condition called Osteomalacia in adults. It is a condition wherein an adult tend to suffer from soft and brittle bones. In children, this condition is called rickets.

The causes of this diseases is

1.    Most importantly due to lack of exposure to sunlight: This may occur due to two reasons
a)    Climatic conditions i.e. cloudy weather, too much of snow or rain
b)    Due to usage of strong sun screen that blocks UV rays completely.
2.    Not enough vitamin D in the diet.
3.    Malabsorption of Vitamin D in the intestines.
4.    Kidney disorders
5.    Cancer
6.    Liver disease
7.    Side effects of medications especially ones used to treat seizures.


Here is some symptoms that will help you denote if you are suffering from this problem or not.

  • Terrible bone pain especially in the hips.
  • Weakness in the muscles.
  • Fracturing of the bones with very little trauma.
  • A abnormal pattern of heart rhythms.
  • Numbness around the mouth.
  • Spasms of the hands and feet.

    On noticing these symptoms contact your doctor immediately and do the required.

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