Are Chewable Vitamins As Effective As Supplements That Can Be Swallowed

In order to make vitamin supplements more appealing, the market has come up with new and innovative ways to publicize their importance.. Amongst the many tactics, creating palatable chewable vitamins is one such technique of publicizing used.  Chewable vitamins are those, which as the name suggests can be chewed; they are as effective as the ones that are swallowed in. The only difference is that a type of flavor is added to make the tablets chewable.

However, not all vitamin supplements can be chewed. Some of them are ones that contain Hydrochloric Acid.  Vitamins that contain this element tend to irritate the throat and esophagus, so it would be best to swallow them.

Another such vitamin supplement is one that is labeled as enteric coated, which should be swallowed and not chewed.

Also, vitamin supplements will be packed with instructions, which will mention if it can be chewed, or not. Also, a vitamin supplement should be taken only if your doctor gives you the green signal to do so.

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