How To Prevent Anemia In Infants

Not only adults but toddlers also are prone to suffer from anemia. It is important that this condition be avoided in infants as it is at this age that their body is developing and growing. A balanced diet filled with nutrients is an essential requirement at this phase, for a child to develop into a healthy adult.

Though infants get a rich supply of iron through breastfeed initially, iron content in foods need to increase as the child grows older i.e. 4-6 months.

When a child is around 6 months old, the parents can introduce baby cereal and specifically select cereal types that are rich in iron content. Another option would be including age appropriate food, to the child.

Iron absorption increases, when takes in Vitamin C along with Iron rich food. Also it is easier for the body to absorb iron through dairy products.

Keep these points in mind and ensure that your child has the right kind of diet.

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