Defeciency Of Vitamin D Causes Rickets

Rickets is a disease of the bones, that causes the bones to soften, leading to fractures and deformity. This disease is very prevalent amongst children living in developing countries. Children suffering from rickets tend to be very low on calcium and phosphorus. Due to this their bones get softened and brittle and are most likely to break with the slightest pressure.

The major causes of this disease is as follows

1) Vitamin D Deficiency:

Too little exposure to sunlight, and lack of vitamin D rich food causes rickets. Deficiency of Vitamin D, leads to less calcium and phosphate absorption. Less absorption leads to deformed bone structure. Also, when the body faces sudden deficiency of vitamin D, the body tries to make up the loss by seeping out the vitamins from the existing bone structure.

2) Calcium Mal absorption:

Deficiency of calcium again forces the body to make up for the loss by drawing out calcium from the bones, causing the bones to get deformed.

3)  Kidney and Liver Disorders:

Rickets is also caused when the kidneys and Liver of an individual are not able to function normally. Kidney malfunction causes the body to not be able to retain phosphate and liver disorders lead to improper absorption of fats and vitamins.

4) Improper Diet:

Not taking in food rich in vitamin D and calcium also causes children to suffer from this disease. Economically poor parents, who are unable to afford milk products for their children, mostly face this problem of rickets in their kids.

It is therefore very important that one takes precautionary measures by taking in a balanced diet and being exposed to the sun for at least 15 minutes of the day and prevent the disease of rickets in their children.

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