Importance Of Vitamin D

Vitamin D is very effective for strong bones and teeth. According to a research conducted worldwide, an estimated 1 billion people are found to have inadequate levels of vitamin D in their blood.

Deficiencies of Vitamin D are spread across all ethnicities and groups.In fact people living in parts of the world exposed to huge amount of sunlight are also found to suffer from Vitamin D deficiency. Excess exposure to sunlight also blocks the skin’s ability to produce Vitamin D.
Patients suffering from osteoporosis are also found to greatly lack of Vitamin D.

Vitamin D not only helps in the production of calcium and phosphorus, that helps produce strong bones in the body, it also helps prevent fractures, helps reduce growth of cancerous cells, reduces the risk of multiple sclerosis and brings about a significant reduction in mortality rate.
Another important finding is that elders who take in less levels of Vitamin D are more prone to falls and suffer from the risk of fractures.

Vitamin D deficiency also leads to a weak immune system increasing the individual’s risk to suffer from Diabetes and tuberculosis.

Keeping in mind the above researches it is therefore very important that an individual take in the right amount of Vitamin D by being exposed to sunlight for at least 15 minutes in a day.

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