Vitamins That Strenghten The Immune System

In the present days with increased competition, stress levels, faulty agricultural practices, increased demands etc the human body is constantly on the move trying to reach one goal or the other.

And in order to cope up with the various needs of the world, one needs to be healthy and strong. Sickness is a great draw back and is a liability against success.

It is therefore very important that people protect themselves from any kind of sickness and diseases. A healthy immune system is a great necessity and requirement. In order to strengthen the immune system, it is important that one take in nutritious food that are rich in vitamins.

Foods that can be taken to strengthen the immune system are

1) B vitamin complex –

This vitamin greatly helps in strengthening the nervous system and is very useful in the production of red blood cells. Healthy blood and healthy nervous system help the body fight against any diseases. Not only this, taking in food rich in vitamin B helps one remain energetic and strong.

2)  Vitamin C –

This vitamin helps in the production of healthy skin and helps fight against invasions of bacteria and viruses.

3)  L-Lysine –

This is an amino acid, which helps give the immune system a great boost, gearing it to fight against any kind of diseases.

4) Zinc –

Another nutritional requirement that strengthens the immune system, zinc proves to be useful when taken on a full stomach.

However, make sure you take your doctor’s advice before taking in these vitamin supplements.

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