Benefits Of Vitamin Supplements

Vitamin supplements have gained a lot of prominence in the present days. Many argue that vitamin benefits should be directly extracted from fruits and vegetables. Also, some are very doubtful about taking vitamin supplements, as they fear that these unnatural forms may damage the body.

On the other hand various health experts stress on the need to take in vitamin supplements in the present day especially due to these following reasons

1) Due to the widespread pollution, depletion of the ozone layer, and excess use of pesticides, there is a dramatic reduction in the nutritional content and vitamins in the food we eat.

2) To top it all the various methods used to store the food i.e. freezing, drying and packing etc further drain out any stored vitamins in the food.

3) In the present times people have less time to eat and are more concerned about looking good, also people have less time to cook, and end up buying processed food from outside which greatly lacks vitamins.

4) Food that is been brought from outside hardly has any nutrition value and this is how people miss out on vitamins.

5) Vitamin supplements are specially needed for the elderly who hardly get any vitamin source from cooked food.

These are some of the few solid reasons, which are quoted in favor of vitamin supplements.
It is up to an individual to choose what he wants to do either take in vitamin supplements or stick on to natural food and diet.

One can also take in the doctor’s advice before making any choice.

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