Vitamins Present In Milk

Milk is one of those health drinks that many of us don’t like to drink, though it is loaded with lot of many vitamin benefits. Some of the many vitamins present in Milk are as follows

Vitamin A:

Whole milk is a good source of Vitamin A. This vitamin is essential for good vision, development of the body and strong immune system.

Vitamin D:

This vitamin facilitates absorption of phosphorus and calcium. It also ensures that one have strong bones and teeth. This vitamin can be drawn for milk if one is not exposed to, too much of sunlight, as sunlight facilitates much better production of Vitamin D.

Vitamin E:

This vitamin found in milk is useful in developing cell membranes and reduces the risk of cancer.

Vitamin B12:

This vitamin is found in abundance in milk and helps maintain healthy nerves and red blood cells. They are richly found in diary products and excluding these sources from our food affects one’s health greatly.

Vitamin B1 and B2:

These vitamins are necessary for healthy metabolism and help keep the skin membranes healthy.


This vitamin helps keep the body strong and healthy.


This vitamin ensures that one have strong cells and skin membranes.

So don’t avoid drinking milk, take in as much as you can and remain healthy.

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