How To Avoid Getting Depressed

If you are facing severe stressful situations and are in deep pressure and are more likely to suffer from depressive thoughts, you could resort to the following vitamins. These vitamins will help you fight depressive feelings which may occur to situations you are living in..

Vitamin B1:

This vitamin is like a fuel to the brain and deficiency of this vitamin causes insomnia, fatigue, depression, and memory problems. It causes lot of anxiety and irritability.

Vitamin B3:

Deficiency of this vitamin causes mental slowness, agitation and anxiety. It is therefore important that one should eat food rich in this vitamin.

Vitamin B5:

This vitamin prevents certain types of depression. Taking this vitamin helps prevent fatigue, chronic stress and helps the individual to cope with pressures of life.

Vitamin B6:

Addiction to alcohol could cause deficiency of this vitamin. Taking sufficient amount of this vitamin helps in the production of essential proteins and hormones that help cope with stressful situations.

Vitamin B12:

Helps in the transmission of oxygen to various parts of the body. Deficiency of this vitamin causes a problem in the transportation of oxygen. This condition is known as “Pernicious Problem’, deficiency also causes lot of psychological problems. Older people are more prone to this deficiency; therefore it is important that one takes in sufficient amount of this vitamin.

Vitamin C:

Stressful situations eat up stores of Vitamin C, therefore it is important that one take sufficient amount of this vitamin. Deficiency of this vitamin causes depression l, which can be overcome with sufficient intake of vitamin C.

Deficiency of various vitamins causes lots of problems in the body. It is therefore very essential that we take right care of our body, by eating the right type of food.

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