Vitamins For A Healthy Heart

If one is having a family history of people suffering from heart disease and is prone to a risk of suffering from heart disease then taking precautions is necessary.

One could prevent this risk by taking sufficient intake of vitamins. Some vitamins that will help one have a healthy heart are

1) Vitamin E:

Heart attacks mostly happen due to accumulation of cholesterol to the walls of the arteries. Cholesterol when oxidized get stuck to the walls of the arteries, this causes heart diseases and problems. Taking sufficient amount of vitamin E rich food helps cut out cholesterol from sticking to the walls of the heart. Vitamin E clears out blockages and opens up arteries. Nuts are rich source of vitamin E and individuals with heart problems are always advised to eat lots of nuts, which are delicious and very beneficial.

2) Vitamin C:

This vitamin is a great anti-oxidant and helps protect the arteries of one’s heart. It also helps fight against the ill effects of cholesterol and when taken along with vitamin C ensures a healthier functioning heart.

3) B vitamins:

B vitamins, which are richly found in meat help fight against homocysteine, which is another cause of heart attacks. Therefore including poultry and non-vegetarian items in one’s diet helps fight against heart problems.

It is therefore important that one take the following vitamins to avoid heart problems.

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