Vitamins For A Beautiful Complexion

Have you ever wondered why some people have smooth and clear complexion whereas some have dry and scaly skin?

Have you always dreamt of having a flawless and healthy complexion? Well, it’s not a tough task; any one can get a beautiful complexion by taking in healthy and nutritious food. Some vitamins that really bring out the glow in one’s skin are

Vitamin A:

This vitamin helps one have healthy skin tissues. It also helps get rid of the dark sun tan on the skin.  Deficiency of this vitamin causes us to have lifeless skin. So make sure you include milk, eggs, carrots, tomatoes, papaya, watermelon and oysters, which are a rich source of Vitamin A in your diet.

B Vitamins:

Deficiency of this vitamin causes dry and scaly skin. Taking in these vitamins helps regulate enzymes that are responsible for healthy skin. So if you want to avoid a tired and haggard look, take in food rich in Vitamin B. Some sources of B vitamins are poultry, banana, fish red meat, bananas, whole grains etc.

Vitamin C:

This vitamin helps maintain collagen, which is the underlying support structure of the skin. Too much exposure to the sun causes loss of Vitamin C leaving it prone to damage from the outside environment. Therefore, taking in a rich source of vitamin C in the form of citrus juices and fruits will help prevent your skin from suffering from damage from the outside environment.

Vitamin E:

If you have noticed your skin sagging and wrinkled the cause could be attributed to deficiency of Vitamin E. Taking in sufficient amount of vitamin E helps prevent skin from aging. Salmon, green leafy vegetables, almonds, olive and sesames oils etc help prevent skin from looking old and help you retain that young look.

All these vitamins help one have a beautiful young skin.

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