Vitamins For Shiny Hair

It is every woman’s dream to have healthy shiny hair. Bouncing back “hair that shines” is a hope that the latest advertisements on televisions promise everyday. Our body however, reacts in a very different way. When we humans our busy diverting attention to the external factors like our hair, skin etc. our body is busy diverting all these energies to important organs like the brain, heart etc.

Our hair is the last part to get any kind of nutrition from our body. That’s the reason why our hair looks so dry and limp when we are sick, as all the energy is being diverted to the vital organs of the body.

Some important steps one can take to ensure that they have healthy shiny are, taking in a regular intake of vitamins. Taking in a regular intake of vitamins will ensure that you have healthy hair.

Vitamin A and Vitamin C:

  Eating food rich in these vitamins will help you fight against hair loss and ensure that your body produces healthy, shiny hair.

Vitamin B12/B6:

Deficiency of this vitamin causes hair-loss. Food rich in vitamin also are a rich source of vitamin B6/B12. Food rich in this vitamin are Soya beans, fish and chicken. Eating a sufficient level of this vitamin will ensue that you have rich/shiny hair.

Take in the above vitamins with a balanced diet to have shiny hair. Eating sufficient amount of nutrients will help channelize enough amounts of nutrients to the hair, after the required amount has been directed to the vital organs.

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