Vitamins For Vaginal Dryness

Vaginal dryness is a major problem amongst many women. It greatly affects one’s sexual life and also causes great discomfort to a woman.

Vaginal dryness may also affect a relationship. It is best that one take action against this problem and work towards healing it. There are some important vitamins that prove to be very useful in healing this condition. Some important vitamins are

Vitamin E:

Vitamin E capsules when opened and applied inside the vagina help heal the cracks and soreness. They help keep the tissues elastic.

B Vitamins:

Stress may also cause vaginal dryness. Taking B vitamins not only helps relieve vaginal dryness but also keeps the stress away.

Vitamin A:

This vitamin helps the muscles of the vagina stay flexible.

These vitamins will hasten recovery of vaginal dryness. Apart from the above point’s regular care, hygiene and a balanced diet will ensure that you have a healthy sexual life.

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