Dealing With Piles

Piles (Hemorrhoids) are painful swellings caused by dilated veins, which when severe hang out of the anus.

Though they’re several treatments available out in the market, one can resort to natural remedies and precautionary measures to avoid suffering from this condition.

For those who are already suffering and for those who would not want to suffer the following points will prove to be very useful.

  • It is very important that one have a nourishing diet, with plenty of fruits and vegetables included in the menu. According to one of the theories, weak tissues are a cause for one suffering from piles. Therefore, it is very important that one eats a diet rich in vitamins and minerals. Avoid eating fried and canned foods. Too much of alcohol and smoking may cause accumulation of toxins in the body making it very difficult for the body to function normally.
  • Drink plenty of water, it helps push out the toxins out of the body.
  • On waking up everyday in the morning drink a glass of honey, apple cider vinegar and psyllium husks, this will help regulate your bowl movements and keep your colon healthy.

Eating Food rich in the following vitamins will be an added benefit

Vitamin C:

Aids in blood circulation and prevents occurrence of clots, thus preventing swelling of veins.

Vitamin E:

Keeps the skin tissues elastic, helping them hold the blood vessels.

Vitamin A:

Helps in the healing of mucus membranes.

Vitamin B6:

Very useful for pregnant women suffering from this condition. They have a high deficiency of this vitamin.

Vitamin B complex:

Helps in digestion and brings about lot of relief.

Those who want to avoid suffering from piles the above points and tips will be very useful and following them regularly will help you stay healthy.

For those in whom this condition has progressed to higher levels, immediate medical attention is required. Consult your doctor immediately; they may bring about a best solution for you.

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