Vitamins For Cold

Cold an abbreviation for “Common Obstruction Of Lung Disease” is a condition every one experiences. Though not very serious, this condition definitely drains out one completely leaving one lethargic and cranky.

A contagious disease, cold is spread through touch and most importantly through air. It is therefore important that one take necessary precaution against this condition. Some very common precautions that one can take against cold are

1) Vitamin C:

Is a great immune booster. People who consume rich sources of Vitamin C tend to suffer less from cold and also if they suffer they get over it very fast in comparison to those who don’t take vitamin C regularly. It is important that one consume vitamin C regularly as our body excretes out what it doesn’t use, so when there is a need for this vitamin our body may not have it. It is therefore essential that one replenish this vitamin regularly.

2) Vitamin A:

This vitamin has anti-viral properties and is a fat-soluble vitamin, which is stored in the fat cells. This vitamin however, should be taken in high doses.

Therefore, keep in mind the above vitamins and take them regularly to prevent chances of suffering from Cold.

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