Nutritional Benefits Of Cucumber

Cucumber is a vegetable that can be cooked as well as eaten raw. It has several nutritional benefits and should be made a part of one’s diet.

  • Cucumber juice helps strengthen one internally. It helps deal with various health problems like arthritis, gout and tapeworm.
  •  It also helps one have great skin. It has several cooling properties and brings about a glow on one’s face.
  • Cucumber is made up of 90%of water and is very cooling to the body. People suffering from acidity, heartburn and ulcers will find cucumber very useful.
  • It also greatly relieves tired eyes. Cucumber slices should be placed on close eyelids, this way one greatly experiences coolness and relief.

In order to enjoy the several benefits of cucumber one should follow the following tips


 Place cucumbers in a fridge; do not place it outside, as it tends to wither off.


 Cucumber pickles are not as effective as raw cucumber slices.
Keep these points in mind and enjoy your way to good health.

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