How To Not Loose The Vitamin Content In Vegetables and Fruits

Rigorous washing, extreme form of cooking of vegetables/fruits causes them to loose their nutrition. It is important that one make full use of the several benefits of these vegetables and fruits.

Here are some tips on how to retain the nutritious benefits of these rich sources of good health.

1) Fresh fruits are any day better than canned fruits so it is always advisable to eat fruits raw rather than eating canned juices and fruits.
2) Don’t cook vegetables and fruits for long.
3) When boiling up vegetables make sure you are boiling them in liquid so that the vitamins are retained in the curry.
4) Consume vegetables and fruits quickly. Don’t store them for long as there are chances of them loosing their nutritional qualities.
5) If you are unable to get fruit juices, you can drink packed juices. However, make sure that they don’t contain artificial sweeteners in them.

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