Vitamins For Depression

Apart from counseling and behavior therapy, that definitely helps cure depression. There are some vitamins which when taken greatly help one overcome this psychological disturbance.

They strengthen the body creating a sense of well being which is very useful in curing depression. Some of the vitamins that are very useful are

1) B Vitamins:

These vitamins help fight fatigue, which often leads to depression. This vitamin however is wiped out with the intake of alcohol and smoking cigarettes. B vitamins have a important impact on the emotional reasoning of an individual.

2) Vitamin C:

Deficiency of this vitamin affects that part of the brain that is responsible for emotional development, causing depression. It is therefore important to have food rich in Vitamin C

3) Vitamin E:

Is a great anti-oxidant and helps flush out toxins from the body. Accumulation of toxins causes one to become dull and sluggish.

4) Vitamin D:

This vitamin has a great impact on our moods, it also effects other brain functions and deficiency may lead to depression.

These vitamins play a major role in controlling depression.

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