Vitamins For Peptic Ulcers

Peptic Ulcer is the most common type of ulcer, formed in the gastro-intestinal tract making it very difficult to digest. Ulcers are formed on various parts of the body but the peptic ulcer is more specific to the intestinal tract.

Nourishment and proper nutritional intake will help deal with this problem. Some vitamins that help heal peptic ulcers are

1) Vitamin A:

This vitamin helps protect the lining of the stomach. In case a sore is developing, Vitamin A prevents it from growing. If the intestines are affected with sores, vitamin A aids in speedy recovery. Doctors always advise people suffering from peptic ulcers to have a diet rich in Vitamin A.

2) Vitamin C:

Helps eliminate the root cause of peptic ulcer, as it directly attacks the bacteria that cause ulcers.

Keep these vitamins in mind, and help out someone who is suffering from ulcers with your knowledge.

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