Vitamins For Healthy Skin

What’s common in Super-man, Spider man, Batman and all the super heroes?

Well, guess there may be several answers scrolling up and down your head. And most of you may have also guessed it right. Yes, the answer is that they hardly feel the pinch when hurt. They don’t even bleed when thrown from a high building.

Each one of us dreams to be as strong and supple as these superheroes. Can this be possible? Not most of it though but with the help of the right vitamins we can at least have strong-elastic skin which doesn’t get bruised easily. Some such vitamins that are a great boon are

Vitamin E:

This vitamin increases skin, tissue and blood vessel strength, thus preventing it from getting easily bruised. Deficiency of this vitamin causes one to get bruised easily.

Vitamin P:

Surprised to hear that there is something called vitamin P, well this is another name for bioflovanoids. This vitamin protects blood cells and capillaries and prevents them from bleeding.

Vitamin K:

Helps prevent capillaries from bleeding. Capillaries when hurt tend to bleed; however with regular intake of vitamin K, bleeding is not as severe as it would happen.

Keep these points in mind and have a strong, elastic skin.

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