Vitamins Essential For A Healthy Liver


A healthy liver is an essential requirement for a healthy mind and body. A major reservoir and filtering agent of blood, liver helps our body stay toxic free.

It also helps us have a strong immune system and cholesterol free blood. Liver impairments can be fatal and it is essential that one take care of themselves.

Some vitamins that help one have a healthy liver are

1) B Vitamins are said to have great anti-oxidant properties. They help in the detoxification process and are very beneficial to the liver.
2) Vitamin B12 enhances the flow of the bile that is very useful for digestion. Deficiency of vitamin B12 also leads to poor functioning of the liver.
3) Lecithin helps remove fat from the liver, which hampers blood flow and normal functioning of the liver.
4) Sulphur is a great means of detoxifying the liver. It is found richly in onions, garlic, fish, legumes, eggs etc.

Keep these vitamins in mind and eat your way to a healthy liver.

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