Vitamin Benefits Of Spinach

Spinach-Popeye’s favorite food had become a instant hit with the children worldwide, thanks to the cartoon Popeye. 


However, there are several other beneficial reasons, which stress on the need to make this vegetable a part of our daily routine. 


Firstly, Spinach is rich in chlorophyll that helps provide fiber to the body that helps keep the insides clean. It is also a rich source of iron, which is very useful for those suffering from anemia. 


Eating Spinach helps sharpen our memory. 


Spinach has anti cancer properties and also acts as a great anti-oxidant. 


It strengthens the immune system, strengthens the bones greatly, reduces risk of heart disease, strengthens the eye muscles and greatly helps fight against arthritis. 


Spinach greatly aids in keeping the body fit and fine against any kind of disease. So dont refuse a dish of spinach, which is being served at dinner.

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