Vitamins For Bad Breath

Bad breath also known as halitosis is a condition wherein a person suffers from bad breath. People unfortunately associate bad breath with unhealthy hygienic conditions but the reason for bad breath is a deeply rooted medical cause.

However, this condition can be treated with the right vitamin intake. Some vitamins that can be taken are

Vitamin C:

Bad breath may be caused due to presence of ulcers in the mouth. Taking in Vitamin C rich food will help protect the mouth cells from any kind of bacteria and fungal attacks.

Vitamin B6:

Is another vitamin that proves to be very useful in healing bad breath.

Vitamin B3:

Niacinmide a dietary supplement of Vitamin B3 is frequently prescribed for dealing with bad breath. The individual should take a dosage of 50 milligrams after every meal regularly.

Eating food rich in the above mentioned vitamins would prove to be greatly useful and helpful. It will help overcome the problem of bad breath and greatly increase one’s confidence.

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