Vitamins For Bedsores

Bedsores are a most common faced issue amongst the bedridden. Due to constant pressure on a part of the body there is lack of supply of nutrients and oxygen to that specific area.

And since it is a big issue for the disabled and the bedridden, vitamins and nutrients play a very important role in the healing process.

Vitamin C:

Blood vessels transport nutrients to various parts of the body by traveling through the blood capillaries. If these blood capillaries are constricted, the blood vessels will not be able to travel through them and therefore lead to bedsores. Deficiency of vitamin C leads to this problem. Therefore regular intake of Vitamin C prevents this problem to a great extent.

Vitamin E:

Promotes healing of bedsores to a great extent. It has certain components that bring about effective healing. Rubbing Vitamin E oil on the sores will be a good option.

Vitamin B:

All B vitamins have healing properties that help heal the skin when suffering from bedsores.

Taking in these essential vitamins will prove to be very useful if you are suffering from bedsores or are prone to suffer from some.

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