Vitamin A For Acne Prone Skin

Vitamin A is said to lead to a beautiful and clear skin. One needs to be very careful about the dosage of this vitamin though.

Vitamin A has to be taken under the supervision of a dermatologist. And if taken in the right quantity it does wonders for your skin.

It helps fight acne very effectively.

1) Acne is caused when there is an infection of the sebum. When vitamin A is applied on the skin it dries out the sebum helping one fight against acne

2) Acne is also caused when the sebaceous glands are blocked When Vitamin A is brought to intervene, it peels off the upper layer of the skin and clears out the pores.
Thus reducing the incidence of acne.

Overdose of Vitamin A causes redness of the skin. Also, one needs to be very careful with regards to Vitamin A dosage when pregnant.

Major sources of Vitamin A are

Carrot Juice
Sweet Potatoes
Mixed vegetables.

So, the next time you see green leafy vegetables do not run away from the site. Instead eat a plate full and get back the glow on your skin.  Vitamin A is a great remedy for acne problem. If taken at the right time in the right amount it will prove to be very useful. But if mishandled it brings about unpleasant consequences.

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