Menopause Symptoms Relived With Vitamin Intake

Menopause is a condition that every woman undergoes. Marked with severe bleeding and discomfort, this phase proves to be very taxing for a woman.

Weakness, nausea, vaginal discomfort and several other factors render the women weak and moody.

It is very important that women take care of themselves. Exerting oneself with work and family problems will cause lot of problems for the woman.

Menopause tends to occur between the ages of 45-60 years in a woman. It therefore means that a woman can no longer give birth to children.

There are many vitamins and minerals available that help deal with the symptoms of menopause. Some such vitamins are


Women tend to face a lot of depression and mood swings during menopause. The body also tends to loose lot of magnesium. Intake of magnesium helps deal with depression and also helps the woman stay strong and healthy. The doctor should be consulted, regarding the amount of magnesium intake one can have, based on this the women can consume magnesium.

Vitamin C:

During menopause women tend to suffer from hot flashes and nausea. Taking in Vitamin C will help deal with hot flashes and nausea. Also, the immunity system will be greatly strengthened helping the body fight against several diseases.

Vitamin E :

Women suffer from vaginal dryness during menopause, vitamin E helps deal with this problem. Also, it helps prevent incidences of hot flashes.


Lack of calcium and magnesium may lead to leg cramps in the night. Also, there is a risk of suffering from osteoporosis. So regular intake of calcium is necessary.

All these vitamins will greatly help strengthen a woman’s body.

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