Vitamins Help Ease Asthma

Asthma is a common problem, which both children and elders are facing. This disease is on a rise in the urban cities, where pollution and stress levels are on a real high. Asthma is a condition wherein the bronchial tubes are swollen and the passage of air is blocked.

Individuals suffering from Asthma find it very difficult to breathe and are subjected to various forms of medications.

It is important that one takes care of their body by providing he right nutrients and vitamins. Some vitamin supplements that every asthma patient should take is

1) Vitamin C:

This vitamin greatly helps strengthen the immune system. Allergens weaken the immune system greatly. Vitamin C is a great antioxidant. It helps flush out the toxins and keeps the body strong.

2) Vitamin B6:

Deficiency of this vitamin causes asthma. Several studies have showed that deficiency of Vitamin B6 is directly linked to Asthma. Eating food that is rich in Vitamin B6 will prove to be very helpful.

3) Vitamin B3:

This vitamin provides an antihistamine effect. It protects the body against allergic reactions and strengthens it greatly.

4) Vitamins A and E:

When taken together help protect the lungs against air pollution. Vitamin E protects the mucous membrane against the harmful effects of pollution whereas Vitamin A prevents the bronchi tubes.

Asthma patients should include the above-mentioned vitamins in their diet in order to ensure a faster healing period.

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