Vitamins That Help Deal With HIV-AIDS

HIV – the virus that is greatly responsible for AIDS is causing havoc around the world claiming many lives.

This disease is known to be a sexually transmitted disease, as it is transmitted through sexual intercourse.

Though there is no permanent cure found for this disease, this disease is manageable with the help of vitamin intake and other medications.

Some of the vitamins that help control this disease is

Vitamin B12:

Individuals, who are HIV-Positive, have a deficiency of Vitamin B12. Deficiency of vitamin B12 makes one prone to a lot of infection, weakness, depression, rashes and fatigue. Taking an increased dose of Vitamin B12 gears up one’s body against any source of infection.

Vitamin A:

Vitamin A either has positive effects or negative effects on individuals suffering from HIV-Positive. It depends on their body structure and type. The positive effects of Vitamin A are that it strengthens the immune system and helps fight back against infections. The HIV-virus attacks the immune system first, rendering it weak against any kind of attacks. Therefore it is very important that one strengthen their immune system.

A strong multivitamin Diet is required to help fight this condition. Almost all the vitamins are to be taken. Amongst the many the above-mentioned two are the most important vitamins that should be taken.

Strengthening the body against any further attack of infections will help one survive this disease.

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