Vitamins For Damaged Hair

If you constantly tend to suffer from a bad hair day, resort to the following vitamins. Which will help you get back the lost shine. These vitamin supplements can be taken, if one faces constant hair problems.

However, it would always be good if one consulted their doctor before taking any step.

Some vitamins that are very important are as follows

Dry Hair:

Those of you suffering from very dry hair should take in Vitamin B5, which contains Pantothenic acid, which has the ability to penetrate deep into the roots of the hair, it nourishes the hair and retains the moisture content in the hair.

Healthy Scalp:

For those of you, who want a healthy scalp, resort to Vitamin A, which is richly found in eggs, fish, milk, peaches, liver oil etc.

Shiny Hair:

In order to have shiny hair, one should ensure that the roots of the hair are generously supplied of nutrients and the scalp is free from any kind of dirt or irritation. To have a clean and healthy scalp one should eat a diet rich in vitamin E, which is found mostly in green leafy vegetables.

Keep these points in mind to rid yourself of any kind of hair problems.

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