Vitamins For Healthy Nails

Healthy nails are not just a important fashion statement but are also a vital indicator of your health. If the body is unable to absorb or is not getting the right amount of nutrients, there surely is some problem, which is reflected in the form of brittle and dry nails.

Weak nails may also denote some glandular problems like hypo-thyrodism or some deficiency of nutrients. Here are ways to identify and deal with unhealthy nails.

Lack of Vitamin A, Calcium and Protein:

Leads to very dry nails. Also, it causes white dots to appear on the nails making it very brittle. Lack of vitamin A also leads to slow growth of nails. It is therefore very important that one have a diet rich in Vitamin A, calcium and protein. Avoid drinking excess of coffee or alcohol as it strips away vitamin A from the body.

Lack Of Vitamin B:

Deficiency of this vitamin causes fragile nails. Horizontal ridges tend to appear on the nails signifying hormonal imbalance. This is mostly noticed in women , during times of menstruation. Vertical ridges on the nail denote anemia , it is therefore important to have food rich in Iron. One should include lot of green leafy vegetables in their diet.

Lack Of Vitamin C, Folic acid and protein:

Leads to hangnails- a condition where skin tears off near the nail. One may observe a white layer of skin beside the nail, biting one’s nails worsens this condition further. It is therefore important to include lot of citrus fruits in one’s diet.

Fungus in the nails:

Is caused due to consuming too much of antibiotics, or lack of friendly bacteria. Also using artificial nails causes fungus beneath the nails. One can avoid this condition by applying eucalyptus or Tea tree oil over the nail before fitting in the artificial nail.

Zinc Deficiency:

Lack of zinc causes moon shaped nails. Also, one notices white spots on their nails. 

To have healthy nails, one needs to eat healthy. Keep these points in mind and flaunt off your beautiful fingers.

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