Vitamin D Helps to Fight Breast Cancer

Breasts are a concern for women in an era when breasts constitute a part of looks. Looks matter a lot especially in the area of Entertainment, Media and Marriage. Men’s penchant for women with well developed breasts is widely known. Breasts are both a site of attraction and disease as well.

Breast cancer is one of the cancers that women all over the world are suffering from. There are numerous causes cited for breast cancer and recently Vitamin D deficiency is cited to be one of the culprits as released in a study conducted by American Society of Clinical Oncology.

The body needs Vitamin D for various reasons. For stronger bones and healthy body Vitamin D is a must. But Vitamin D is available in limited food sources like milk, fish, eggs and sunlight. Pigments in dark skinned people prevent absorption of Vitamin D by the body. Again prolonged exposure to sunlight can lead to skin cancer.

Any form of cancer disturbs the immune system of a particular organ in the body. In breast cancer breasts are attacked. The overall physical condition is largely responsible for any individual’s recuperation and chances of re-developing cancer.

One of the functions of Vitamin D is strengthening immunity of the body. Studies have found that a majority of the patients who are diagnosed of breast cancer have inadequate level of Vitamin D in the body. Inadequate levels of Vitamin D are also responsible for recurrence of breast cancer in women.

States that experience less sunshine are likely to have a population with Vitamin D deficiency. But in America foods fortified with Vitamin D are available and one needs to be cautious about the amount of calories they are consuming and amount of Vitamin D they have in the blood.

During the study it was also seen that overenthusiastic cancer patients have aggravated their health by consuming Vitamin D above the safe limits. Before consuming Vitamin D pills consult your physician. Vitamin D not only protects your from breast cancer but also good for people suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. Women above the age of 50 need Vitamin D to fight osteoporosis.

Children suffer from rickets and physical and bone deformities due to deficiency in Vitamin D. Both children and adults should expose themselves to sunlight but the period of exposure should not be too long. Breast milk does not contain Vitamin D, so children’s diet can be supplemented with cow’s milk. Cow’s milk contains Vitamin D.

Vitamin D strengthen bones by allowing calcium absorption which makes bone the hardest substance in the body. Women with tumours have been found to have low levels of Vitamin D. Diet of an individual determines a person’s health. So people with low

intake of grains and cereals are likely to experience low Vitamin D in blood and thereby suffer from various complications. Vitamin D deficiency goes back to childhood. Parents need to be educated about the essential nutrients that the body require and encourage their children to eat healthy food.

School can also play a major role in enlightening children about developing healthy food habits. In developing nations girl child is neglected but in developed nations children are left on their own at a very young age. These women naturally grow up with poor dietary habits and experience health problems from a very early age.

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