Do I need Vitamin D?

Yes all of us need Vitamin D. But before that what is Vitamin D? Vitamin D is a type of Vitamin which acts like a hormone and is found in two forms: D2 and D3.

Now the sources may vary – food or sun. Your body is like a tree; it needs sunlight and lots of nutrients to grow beautifully. A good diet means you are on proper nutrition. If you are unwell you will not look happy and if you are not happy no amount of makeup will make you look beautiful. To live and let live you need energy so watch your diet and bodily needs.

Now why do we need Vitamin D? Imagine your body to be a factory and all your cells are your employees. Employees mean they have needs and demands. If you don’t fulfill those forget about running your factory successfully. And vitamin D is like the manager who commands and controls.

Vitamin D dissolves only in FAT. Vitamin D directs the body towards efficient utilization of Calcium. The maintenance of calcium in serum is taken care of by Vitamin D. Calcium is important for nervous system and bone density.

Vitamin D also prevents the proliferation of cells by stimulating cell differentiation. Cell proliferatin causes cancer while cell differentiation is all about specializing cells for particular functions. More and more Cell differentiation decreases cell proliferation.

The risk of high blood pressure is reduced by Vitamin D. It is also a Immunity modulator. So why ignore this good manager?

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