Health Benefit of Mangoes

With the summer hitting its peak and fans beginning to work at a fervent speed, there is a silver lining in whatever cloud there is- and that is the arrival of sweet, yellow, fleshy mangoes. The title ‘king of fruits’ suits this fruit to the hilt. Mangoes are as healthy as they are sweet, with a host of health benefits to keep you up and about during the scorching summer.

Its characteristic orange colour is a clue to its storehouse of beta carotene (Vitamin A). Ripe mangos hold the highest levels of beta carotene, while green mangos are higher in Vitamin C. These antioxidant carotenoids are known for their protective power against certain cancers.

Mango is effective in relieving clogged pores of the skin. It is also valuable to combat acidity and poor digestion. Mango is high in antioxidant and low in carbohydrates. Mango butter, used as a beauty product, has hydrating and healing properties that seal in moisture and protect parched skin. Mangoes contain phenols, this phenolic compound have powerful antioxidant and anticancer abilities.

Mango is a good source of minerals such as copper and potassium. It contains traces of magnesium, manganese, selenium, calcium, iron, and phosphorus. Vitamin C content is more in raw mango as compared to that in ripe mango. It also has traces of Vitamin E, Vitamin B and Vitamin K.

Scientists at the Industrial Toxicology Research Centre in Lucknow, India, found that mango pulp extract suppressed prostate cancer tumor cells in mice. The researchers credited the effects to a compound in mangos called lupeol, which also happens to exhibit anti-inflammatory, anti-arthritic, anti-malarial, and anti-diabetic properties.

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