Vitamins for Healthy Hair

Everyone likes to possess shiny, lustrous hair. Your hair behaves its best not only through artificial treatments. It also need natural foods to thrive long. Vitamins play a key role in helping the abundant growth of healthy hair.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A has a big part in producing sebum. Without it you’ll have dry hair, dandruff and a thick scalp. All of those symptoms could potentially cause you hair loss. First and second hand smoke along with aspirin and some prescription drugs could prevent Vitamin A absorption.

On the other end of the spectrum having too much sebum blocks hair follicles. So overdosing on Vitamin A could actually cause you even more hair loss.

Fortunately it’s impossible to over dose on Vitamin A when you get it from food sources. Mango, Oranges, Carrots, Sweet potato and Squash are all good sources of Vitamin A.

Vitamin B

The B Vitamins are also a very important part of having healthy hair. All of the B Vitamins help with with hemoglobin which helps the scalp get the oxygen it needs for healthy hair growth. The main B vitamins that you need to focus on for hair growth are Vitamin B-6 and Folic Acid.

Vitamin B-6 is often found in protein rich foods. Potatoes, ready to eat cereals, Bananas, Garbanzo beans, Chicken breast, Oatmeal, Pork Loin, and roast beef contain Vitamin B-6.

Folic Acid is found in cooked lentils, collard greens, chickpeas, medium papaya, frozen peas, and boiled asparagus.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E helps provide good blood circulation to the scalp by increasing the absorption of oxygen. Ready made cereals, Almonds, Safflower Oil, Corn Oil, Soybean Oil, Turnip greens.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is responsible for the healthy development of collagen which is necessary for strong hair. Vitamin C can be found in Kiwi fruit, Guava, Red sweet peppers and oranges.

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  1. Great information. Quick and to the point.

  2. hello my hair is weak and spilt look damaged and brittle what vitamins and foods are best for me

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