Vitamin C helpful against Diabetes

Now you have just another reason to continue your vitamin supplements. If you are a diabetic, the time is right for you to gorge on fresh oranges and sweet limes. A study has revealed that Vitamin C could help reducing some complications associated with diabetes.

“Vitamin C scavenges free radicals and normalizes free radical levels, thus avoiding their effects,” says Professor Ceriello, University of Warwick.

With type 1 diabetes especially, high blood sugars can cause changes in Mitochondria that may increase the amount of free radicals produced by it.

The increased production of free radicals can damage tissues leading to possible amputations, heart disease or even blindness.

The Warwick team found that Vitamin C neutralizes these free radicals. Another drug called Telmisarten stimulates the natural removal of molecules by cells.

However, the scientists at Warwick do not consider their findings as a breakthrough in Diabetes research. They believe there is much more to investigate. The would want to concentrate more on finding drugs that can permanently stop the production of free radicals.

Matt Hunt, Science Information manager at Diabetes UK said, “We would certainly not encourage people to start taking vitamin C supplements based on the findings of this research.”

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