Vitamins for Diabetes

Diabetes is an incurable, chronic disease in which body is not capable of producing insulin or is unable to utilize the produced dose of insulin. The main aim for treating diabetes is to manage blood sugar levels and to protect the body against from the harmful effects. Important Vitamins and minerals that are helpful in treating diabetes are listed below:

  • Vitamin B12: it helps in healing the nerve damage caused due to diabetes
  • Vitamin B6: B-complex vitamins are considered to treat diabetic neuropathy. Vitamin B6 also lessens the glucose intolerance in diabetic and pregnant patient.
  • Vitamin C: it helps in reducing sorbitol levels in diabetic patients. Sorbitol sugar gets accumulated around the kidneys, nerves and eyes which may harm these organs.
  • Vitamin E: it is a powerful antioxidant and it enhances insulin activity. Researches show that Vitamin E improves glucose tolerance for Type 2 diabetic patients.
  • Biotin: it is an important Vitamin B which is essential for the production of glucose. It is also very important as it works in collaboration with insulin and helps in the activity of enzyme glucokinase. This enzyme is found to deficient in diabetic patients and is important for the metabolic activity of glucose.
  • Chromium: it is an important mineral as it helps in maintaining lesser insulin levels, reduces the fasting glucose levels and also helps in enhancing the glucose tolerance.
  • Manganese: acts as an important cofactor for the key enzyme involved in glucose metabolism.
  • Magnesium: usually affects the glucose levels. Magnesium deficiency is thought to affect secretion of the insulin from the pancreatic glands and to cause insulin resistance in some tissues.
  • Vanadium: it is observed that this mineral increases sensitivity towards insulin hence decreases the need for the insulin in diabetic patients.
  • Inositol: it is required for healthy nerve functioning.

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