Vitamin B Helps Improve Memory Power

Vitamins are very essential for a healthy living as they help in various ways. Every vitamin has a specific role to play. In the same way B vitamins are very good to have good memory power. B12, folate, and B6 pyridoxine play a very crucial role for normal functioning of the brain. A study conducted in Australia has shown that a diet rich in B group vitamins improves memory power and verbal ability.

Taking sufficient amount of vitamin B12 helps the brain to stay healthy and to retain your memory as you get older. Milk is a good source of B12. People who don’t take dairy products or meat tend to have low levels of B12 unless they are taking a supplement.

As people get older, B12 is not absorbed well, so people over the age of 50 are advised to take lots B12 from fortified foods or supplement because they are better absorbed.

Make sure you get plenty of B12 daily. Green leafy vegetables, legumes (especially lentils), oranges, and food yeast (add to tofu, soups, and roasts) are a good source of B12.

B vitamins are found in many foods, including organ meats like liver, kidneys, vegetables, dairy products and whole grains.

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  2. sir my childrens they forget with in very shot time what ever they have learn from they books.sir really i,m very worried about them .plz give me some good advise for they good memory power .

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