NutriTest is the latest technique to gauge nutrients

Smith-Reid Laboratories have announced their latest release named ‘NutriTest’, which is a test kit to assess nutrient sufficiency in human body. The test measures the need for key vitamins, minerals and antioxidants along with gauging your digestive health and energy production.

“The report provides valuable data for me to guide my patients’ nutritional supplement use and helps eliminate their confusion over which supplements to take,” said Dr. Blane Mire, MD, Natchez, Mississippi. “Finally, we now have access to a customized supplement based on a scientific, evidence-based nutritional assessment, so patients of all ages, body types, diets, and activity levels can be more confident they’ll get the vitamins and minerals they need to achieve optimal health.”

“Every day, thousands of patients ask their health care professionals for guidance on using nutritional supplements,” says Ryan Smith, President of Smith-Reid Laboratories. “Professionals offering the NutriTestTM will now have credible, evidence-based data to provide patients with sound medical guidance to improve their nutritional status. The ability to offer customized multi-vitamins to meet their patient’s specific insufficiencies will revolutionize the vitamin industry and bring health care practitioners back into the leadership role they deserve.”

The NutriTest, along with associated multi-vitamins are available through all the licensed health care professionals – doctors, chiropractors and dieticians – across U.S.

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