Who needs what kind of Vitamins?

The way we eat isn’t as healthy as we all like it to be. Hence doctors suggest vitamins in our prescription. Also not all of us would be interested to take an appointment with a doctor if we think we need vitamins. What we do, we choose vitamins on our own. How should one choose vitamins here is the question?
Some of us need more vitamins while some of us need more minerals and yet some more amongst us need a combination of vitamins and minerals.

Generally women will need lot of iron, when they are menstruating. Iron supplements are available over the counter without a problem.

Pregnant Women need lot of folate to help their child fight neural defects.

Teenagers, and extra hard workers will need Vitamin D. Even most women will find help with vitamin D!
Men generally need protection against prostate cancer. Lycopene can provide such protection.

All smokers will need lot of Vitamin C to have a better life. However Vitamin C alone cannot help smokers from the effects of smoking.

Though vitamins are used often by many people, not all know how to use them. The best source of information could be found on the vitamin wrapper itself. Also taking excess of vitamin can be useless as the body generally excretes water soluble vitamins. And if not water soluble and you are taking more than needed vitamins, that is a good way of inviting trouble.
Keeping troubles away, while giving your body enough minerals and vitamins is a sure shot way of a healthy mind and body.

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