B5 and C help you deal with STRESS

“I’m stressed” is a phrase that we hear often these days. Though our work hours, lifestyle are stressful, sometimes our diet is also one of the reasons of stress. Lack of proper nutrition stresses us out even more. Stress is not just a human body’s way of saying “take rest”, but also a sure sign for you to take “proper vitamins”.

When stressed out, our body eats all of the B vitamins in our body, especially B5 along with vitamin C. That means you will need to find ways to gain more of B5 and C!

Oats, rye, soya, eggs, fish, meat, quinoa, buckwheat are all good sources of B5. And for C all citrus fruits apart from berries, broccoli, peppers, kiwi fruit, tomatoes, cabbage are good sources of Vitamin C.

So when stressed out, just find them, and boil them or cook them or just gobble them, but have them and feel energetic fast.

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