Prenatal Vitamins May Save Your Kids from Cancer

Health researchers claim that women taking multivitamins before and during pregnancy can reduce the chances their children developing certain types of childhood tumors.

Researchers from the University of Toronto conducted a systematic review of numerous studies on the effects of multivitamins on the children of pregnant women. Here are some interesting findings of this review.

  • By taking a multivitamin before and in early pregnancy, a pregnant woman could reduce the risk of childhood leukemia by 36%.
  • Prenatal vitamin supplementation also reduces risk of neuroblastoma, a malignant tumor arising in nerve tissue, by 47%.
  • It also decreases risk of childhood brain tumors by 27%.
  • Maternal multivitamin supplementation is found to prevent 900 cases of pediatric leukemia and 300-400 cases of pediatric brain tumors annually in the US.
  • The researchers assume that folic-acid in the multivitamins is the cause for decrease in these childhood cancers. But the available data does not determine the constituent for these protective effects.
  • Researchers suggest that supplementing their healthy diet with a folic acid-containing multivitamin is the best advised method to save the offspring from cancer.

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